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Golden Line seaboards of many beaches areas in Malaysia. There are palm trees as far as the eye can see, and many other wonderful sites.

Enter the beautiful tropical island of Pulau Langkawi and take a cable car from the eastern top of the hill town. There is a chance to trek at each station, and with the amazing views that greet you, it is really worth. Growing across the country, it becomes clear how to really knock the views really are. The Telaga Tujuh waterfalls are visible and that the peak is reached, there is the bridge sinuous curve. Linking the top station of the mountain range Machinchang, the wonders are breathtaking.

In the capital of Kuala Lumpur lie soaring Petronas Towers. These are amongst the biggest in the world and there are many others like her running up toward the sky. This diverse city checks all the boxes of a modern city, but its history is still flowing, and that city's Chinatown brings a whole new meaning to the word "exploration". With stalls showing off the goods they have to sell, and traditional dishes available, the possibilities are endless. The food not only in Chinatown, but through Malaysia is a mix of Chinese, Thai and Indian food. The rice staple varies across the country and when infused with coconut fried anchovies and milk it creates the popular dish of Nasi Lemak. Satay chicken is another popular food in Malaysia and often considered an icon. Another icon of Malaysia is music. The many types of music across the country are influenced by Indonesia, Thai, Portuguese, Filipino, Chinese and British music, making many different genres for Malaysian people to enjoy. From contemporary to jazz and even rock and punk, the music scene in Malaysia has adapted over the years.

Malaysia is a country to find many animals living in their natural habitat. Tigers, crocodiles, elephants and pot belly pigs are some that roam the country. To roam the land yourself, you will discover how Malaysia is attractive.

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