Most amazing Adventure Travel Destinations You Didn't Know!

    Where to go on your following tour? So fabulous choice, right? Great, the Adventure Travel Trade Association is finished with its freshest review of adventure tourism destinations. Some of them, especially in the developing world, may amaze you. The Adventure Travel Development Index defines adventure travel that cooperate with nature, the interaction with the culture and environmental activity - at minimum two and rather all three in the same trip.

Most amazing Adventure Travel Destinations

 Researchers surveyed more than 315 tour drivers, travel writers, tourism officials and various experts from the hospitality industry and in 10 countries ranked factors including sustainability, assurance and security, health, natural resources, cultural resources and infrastructure. Here is the list they came up with the nations in the developing world. As a bonus, most are a relatively reasonable price for these tough economic times.


Part of the former Yugoslavia, this nation of just over 2 million parts of the Alps to the Mediterranean, from Italy to Croatia. In addition to  cycling and ocean sports (such as rafting, photo), Slovenia sits atop some 8,000 caves. Guests can obtain a guide to examine the structures underworldly another world on foot or even by bicycle. Cultural tourists can experience the architecture including some early churches across the country. To spend the night, of course, you can stay in a hotel or campsite, but one night in a farm sounds much more adventurous, do not you think?


Winters skiing and summers on the Black Sea attract tourism from all over Europe, and its mountainous terrain is ideal for hiking and climbing (like Mount Pirin, photo). Bulgaria also hosts a bike race 1200 km endurance through the mountains. Historical artifacts from as far as the Thracians and Romans bring in cultural tourism and new museums are being built to show.


The Jordan Tourism gem is Petra, an entire city carved in a stone hidden canyon in the southern desert, to have been built in the 6th century BC by the Nabateans, an ancient Arab civilization estimated. Jerash North and the capital city of Amman have many Roman ruins. Nature reserves include the gorges and desert plains, including the reserve Mujib, the lowest in the world at 410 meters below sea level, near the Dead Sea and home to about 300 species of plants. Photo: Treasury in Petra. Boundless Journeys.

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