2015 Travel Recap & Priorities in 2016

2015 Travel Recap & Priorities in 2016

Happy New Year!!

If you don't already know by now (I'm guessing many of you do if you're following me on instagram @reginachow_sg), I have been shuttling between Singapore and China in the recent months as JW is currently based in Nanjing.

Over these few months, I had the opportunity to explore Nanjing and new cities such as Hangzhou (courtesy of Che'fle Canal Hotel Hangzhou - do watch out for my review soon), Suzhou, Kunshan. I also revisited Shanghai, one of my favourite cities in China.

The Bund, Shanghai

Che'fle Canal Hotel Hangzhou

Beautiful autumn foliage in Hangzhou

Lingering Garden in Suzhou
Much to my surprise, my experience thus far has been fairly pleasant. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone yells at the top of their voices (these are usually farmers from the rural areas) and the habit of cutting queues is also fast-becoming a phenomenon of the past. I am honestly very impressed by how civilized they have become in just a matter of years. The service quality, especially in restaurants, is excellent. We have been getting the royal treatment, and I am not even exaggerating. I am also particularly drawn to the country's rich historical and cultural heritage as it gives me deeper insights into my ancestry and roots. Of course, it helps that the scenery doesn't disappoint and is particularly mesmerizing during autumn. 

West Lake, Hangzhou
Autumn in Nanjing
Xiema Bridge Ancient Village, Kunshan (Read more about it here)

The past year has also taken me to Bangkok, Gold Coast 
(courtesy of Scoot who sponsored the SAF50 bloggers contest winners - click here to read more about my adventures in Australia), Copenhagen (click here to read more about my trip) and London. 

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Burger & Lobster, London

Traveling is a big part of my life and I truly believe that traveling together with your partner and loved ones helps to forge closer bonds. Uncertainties abound when you step foot in a foreign land and to overcome these challenges as a unit while still managing to have fun is no mean feat.

 For 2016, my key priorities are to travel and to lead a healthier lifestyle. More traveling awaits in 2016. My first stop is Tibet in end January with JW before jetting back to Singapore for Chinese New Year, and then to Bangkok in February for a short getaway, followed by girly trips in April and July. The other months are blank canvases for now, but a little spontaneity never fails to spice up our lives right? In a bid to lead a healthier lifestyle, I have been attending yoga lessons, attempting to eat clean by including more organic food in my diet and trying very hard to go to bed earlier (still not happening unfortunately).

What about you? What are your priorities? 

Whatever your priorities may be, may you be blessed with good health, happiness and a fruitful year ahead!


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