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It is not at all a shock to most of you that the most generous, loving and kind people in the whole world are bloggers.  Every atribute describes this sweet gal.

She recently had her annual Girlfriend Charity Party.  Each girl brings an exchange gift that benefits a chairty of their choice.  These girls know how to party in style in the PJ's.

Kris pulls out all the stops for her decor and food for this party (check it out here ) - and she finds the most fabulous party favors for each person.  

This year she found these Amazing Wine Tote Bags.

No, unfortunately I wasn't at the party, but she said the leopard totally reminded her of me, so she sent me one.

See what I mean about generous, thoughtful, kind and loving.

I had to sit it on the sofa by some of my glitz since I think this is total luxury and glitz.

The inside is insulated and -

 the little side pocket holds a wine bottle opener.

Kris said some of her girls are going to use these as lunch bags and I think I will do the same when I need to take a bag lunch with me.  However, in all honesty it will probably tote more wine than anything else.  

I absolutely love it and love Kris.

A very special Christmas Gift from a Very Special Person.

What are some of the fabulous treasures wonderful bloggers have sent you.

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