Christmas Stoop Decorated

Brooklyn Limestone
It's that time of year again, time to decorate the front door and steps of our house.  (Also known as a stoop around here)  Of all the holiday decorating I do, this might be my favorite because it shines like a beacon as I'm making those last few minutes of my evening commute to my front door.

There are a couple of new additions this year. First these LED Birch trees from Balsam Hill.  These photos don't do them justice - they are super bright and beautiful.  Once they are lit, I almost didn't need anything else and it looked so festive.  The best part is that I will feel absolutely no shame leaving these up well past Christmas - they are the perfect foil to winter's early evening darkness.

The next much smaller but still exciting for me addition are the old ice skates I scored for $5 at a neighbor's junk sale earlier.  I'm still searching high and low for discarded red wagons and flexible flyer sleds without much much but at least I got this one little element scratched off the list.  They will be definitely be making a comeback.

And in case you thought I was the only one excited about the Christmas bling....

proof positive this is my kid!


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