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Brooklyn Limestone
Hard to believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. It happens every year but it all suddenly sneaks up on me and it's a mad dash to the finish but that's okay.  If Christmas music is playing, anything is possible!

You've already seen my antler advent calendar and mountain lodge sign so I thought I'd finally share how it all came together in the dining room.  I went with a little more low key approach this year (I usually like the hang something from the ceiling to make it extra dangerous to install. You're welcome health insurance!)

We host Christmas dinner so I like to make it festive but leave plenty of room to move around.  We still have to add our table extensions and more place settings but I'm looking forward to spending the holiday with our family and friends. I hope they enjoy the slightly different decor elements each year (although come on, I know they are much more interested in what we serve on those plates!)

I hope you don't mind that I took these photos at night.  Daylight photos would probably be nicer but now that the sun sets so early, there never seem to be enough daylight hours left.

I've got more goodies to share this week including more christmas decor and our mailings for this year.  Can't wait?  Check out last year's merrymaking...

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