Happy Birthday Aggie!

Brooklyn Limestone
You might have noticed its a little slow around here this week. It's been crazy in real life so I'm taking advantage of the slow holiday week to take a small blogging break. But I couldn't let today go by without mentioning that this little lady turns 3 today.

photo by the always amazing katie donnelly

And when I say lady, I mean it.  No more baby here.  She has opinions and lets us know about them in a clear and convincing voice.  She is always negotiating for a little treat, a little more tv time, a little more time in her princess dresses.  She looks at the world with wonder and joy that I hope never leaves her.

I was a reluctant mother for most of my childbearing years. In my 20s I wanted nothing to do with motherhood. Even when I changed my mind in my 30s, I was still terrified.  It all sounded kind of awful - sleepless nights, diapers, being responsible for a tiny tyrant. I was wrong. I don't throw around the term "blessed" very lightly but there is simply no other way to describe how I feel about my girl.  I hope she always feels the overwhelming love I feel for her.  Happy Birthday little girl.

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