Holiday Gift Guide: ME ME ME (My Wishlist and Favorites)

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Contrary to the title of this post ("ME ME ME") I can say that this year has been the most challenging year to actually pass along ideas to my relatives who ask me what I want. I was talking to some girlfriends the other day and lamenting that there seems to come a time where everything you want is like, five dollars or five hundred dollars ... and that makes coming up with a wishlist sort of hard. But ALAS, this girl can always find a few items that I would be tickled to find under the tree, and I've also included in my list a few things that I already own that are favorites. I'll point those out below.

My Wishlist and Faves 
1: Metallic Star Ornament (on Nordstrom here)
Ian has already told me once this year that our tree has too many ornaments on it ... I mean, really?! Is there such a thing? I think not. I took one look at this metallic ornament and knew it would look lovely on our tree. And for $16, I think it's a great price. This would also make a wonderful gift for just about anyone -- your boss, your in-laws, your best girlfriend (just slip it around a bottle of bubbly for that one!).
2: Swarovski 2015 Annual Ornament (on Amazon here)
You've seen this pop up on my wishlist each year. I've been collecting these since 2002, and although the ornaments aren't inexpensive in the least, this is the one big item I ask for every year. They often gain value throughout the years so it should be a nice collection for me to pass down to our children one day. I will give them both the ornament for the year they were born and then let them pick their favorites from there. You can also search for past year ornaments on eBay.
3: Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment (on Nordstrom here)
This lip treatment has been on my radar for what feels like forever and I still have never pulled the trigger. I would like to try it in the Petal or Rose color -- both just look so fresh and pretty with their slight tint. I know this product has a cult following, and I'm ready to drink the kool-aid.
4: Gold Stork Scissors (on Amazon here)
These 6.5" scissors are so cute and would be a welcome addition to my stocking! I have some nice larger scissors for bow-making but these would be awesome for little snips here and there. They are just pretty!
5: Adele 25 (on Amazon here)
Confession: I'm not really iTunes savvy and I have, like, eight downloaded songs on my iPhone. I am still a CD lover and would love Adele's new album on CD so that I can play it in my car. Her voice is just hauntingly beautiful, and one of my favorite songs of hers remains "Skyfall" from the Bond movie.
6: Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings (on Nordstrom here)
I have had my Danielle earrings for more than half a year now and I love them! I chose the ivory mother of pearl set in gold, and I think this is a great color to start with. They go with so much and really add a lot to an outfit. They are $60, so not inexpensive, but a great pair of statement earrings. If you don't own a pair yet, you may want to sneak up to your honey and whisper "Santa baby...." and slip him that link.
7: Moroccan Oil (on Nordstrom here)
This is another favorite product that I already own that I am passing along to you. My standard-size bottle of Moroccan Oil has lasted forrrrrrrr-everrrrr and I just love it for my hair. I have relatively thin hair (but a good amount of it, especially being pregnant) and this argan oil still is not too heavy for it. This $15 small bottle is such a nice and luxurious little gift or stocking stuffer for someone and one that I can wholeheartedly stand behind. Now that I am washing my hair less and using dry shampoo on the roots, I like putting this on my hair and braiding it the night before I plan to wash it. I think it just really helps moisturize it and make it smoother. This smaller bottle is a super way to test this out, and being that a little goes a long way, this is not a size that will disappear from your bathroom cabinet too fast.
8: Voluspa Spruce Cuttings (on Nordstrom here)
I purchased this delicious-smelling candle for myself last year and it's just about to burn out. It has a wonderful Christmas spruce scent without smelling like PINE PINE PINE PINE as many of these candles can. They are a good middle pricepoint at $16, and Santa? I'd love another one this year, please!
Other than that, Ian already knows that I would be thrilled with a Swell water bottle and a prenatal massage at Edamame. I have asked my mother-in-law for new slippers and a Bobeau fleece wrap (I already own two but would love another!). My mom, sisters, and aunts are rockstar stocking fillers, so I am already looking forward to our post-dinner stockings.
And really, all I truly want this season is some great family time. :)


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