9 year blogiversary

Brooklyn Limestone
Nine years ago this month (I have spent the whole year thinking it was 8 but I just did the math and gained a year!) we closed on the limestone and started this blog. I didn't know anything about blogging except that it would be a sort of forced diary for me.

It feels at once forever ago and yesterday.  You can read my first post here but this pretty sums it up...
Anticipating a day that we will actually live in this house and that the house be totally transformed, I'm starting this blog to chart the progress. Or lack thereof. When its all done, I'll look back on it and laugh at all the crazy times. You know, how the work finished early and under budget and better than we hoped. HA!

Well the work wasn't finished early or under budget it did finish and we do live here. Success!  We learned a lot (oh the irony of life experiences! no matter what the subject, you learn everything you need to know exactly after you needed to know it!) and practically killed each other but here we are. I won't pretend that I wish I was back there - life is much better now with working plumbing and heat!

Nine years and counting.  Who knew I could be such a blabbermouth?

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