Barkeepers Friend Is A Friend To Brass

A Stroll Thru Life
Are they opening another Goodwill on every other corner in your area?  They are in mine.  We use to have the best Goodwill in the world, then they opened a Resale Goodwill store and sent everything good to it, and raised the prices to regular retail.  No bargains there at all.   My old store is really, really bad now.  Nothing but things that should have gone to the trash.  It is sad, I use to love to browse there and found some fabulous thrifty buys for my home.

They have opened two new Goodwills about 2 miles apart near me and neither one of those are filled with anything good either.  Mostly clothes and even the clothes don't look decent.  

I went into one of the newest ones the other day and found this brass tray.  It was so tarnished that it was almost black, but it was the only decent thing in the whole store and I knew that I could clean it up.  So for $5 it came home with me.

Here it is all shined up with the help of Bar Keepers Friend.  This stuff is magic for brass and doesn't scratch it.
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