Pretend Paris Birthday Party

Brooklyn Limestone
I like to think we did a nice shindig for Aggie's Baby, It's Cold Outside 1st birthday party but last year I was just not feeling so inspired and she really had no idea so we decided to skip it altogether. This year was very different - she is hip to all the birthday fanfare so I got to thinking on a theme.  We decided to go with a pretend play Paris themed party (Oui! Aggie is 3!) - not only because she has a love of the sparkly eiffel tower (she is positive every tower is THE eiffel tower -whatever!) but also because pretend play at this age is just about the cutest thing ever.

The centerpiece of the pretend play were three play stations - a patisserie, a dress up boutique and a make your own stuffed animal menagerie station.  I had plans to build them myself until the amazing That's My Letter offered to lend a hand.  I could hardly believe my luck!  (But more on that next week where I'll share lots more details on each).  The kids absolutely loved them.

Of course I had to stick with the theme for kids ands adults alike.  The menu included a crepe bar, french wine and lots of french desserts.

The birthday girl had a blast! We had almost 30 kids here and each seemed to find something to enjoy. (I will spare you a photo of the party underway or the aftermath as it looked like a toddler rave!)  But I think everyone had fun so it makes all the work totally worth it.

Stay tuned for more details on how to DIY those play stations next week.


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