The Tree Is Down - Now What

A Stroll Thru Life
If you're like me, putting the house back together after the tree is down has both ups and downs to it.  

I love changing things up and creating a whole new look, however sometimes that is harder to do than other times.

Taking down Christmas always makes such a mess, so the first thing is to clean.  That seems to zap a ton of energy that I just don't have stored up.

Once that chore is done, then what?

Since the living room is the first thing you see, I always like to have it looking nice, so putting this room back together is always first on my mind.
I really love the new throw I got and would love to use it for a whole new look.  Maybe black and white, gray and white, how about a little gray, camel and white.  Ok, nothing is jelling at the moment.

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