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Okay, okay, so maybe you WEREN'T waiting with bated breath for these updates, but here we go anyway. :)

I apologize for spotty posting this week; the days of a short week sure are full! I've been slammed with hairbow orders (definitely not complaining about that ... making them is a joy for me!), bills to pay, emails to return, displaced home items to reorganize -- store, donate, or sell -- as we slooooowly convert the third bedroom to a baby's room.

Back to it we go, and here are some updates for some questions I've received recently.

Rocksbox: Still Doing It?
I've had a few people ask if I am still enjoying my Rocksbox deliveries. Yes, yes, yes. This is not typically the sort of thing I'd keep going for so long, but the boxes of jewelry that I've received have gotten better and better as my stylists get to "know" me, and my rotation of seven Old Navy maternity shirts sure look a lot cooler with a trendy necklace on top.

The last box I got is pictured above. I am going to send it back today in exchange for a new box -- just have to make a final decision on whether to keep that blue cuff. Don't get me wrong, it's AMAAAAZE, but staying at home now with Camille certainly has tempered any impulse purchases. 

The agate blue quartz cuff is by Charlene K, and I'm pretttttty sure I won't be sending it back today. I figure that I can wear it with a long maternity dress I have for an upcoming event. BAM. Justified purchase. 

The shape of the Robin Rhodes necklace isn't one I'd typically gravitate towards, but I've found myself wearing this necklace at least once or twice a week for the last three weeks, so I'm going to keep it. I just love that stone! And the Gorjana hammered studs are directly from my Rocksbox wishlist, but I haven't worn them at all, mainly because I have my diamond studs in now and when they're in, I typically go for long periods of time without removing them. When I fill out my feedback on the site (which is not necessary, but it does help the stylists) I'm going to ask them to hold off on stud earrings for the time being and just send statement earrings. 

Questions my aunt had for me that you may be curious about, too:

- To send back your Rocksbox items, you use the same envelope that your box was sent in, and the return shipping label is already printed out and ready for you to stick on. You just put it in your mailbox. No printer necessary. No packaging materials necessary. No post office trip necessary.

- You can receive as many boxes as you'd like within the $19/month membership. So, if you get a box, you can wear all three jewelry pieces within the next two days, ship your box back, and have three new items within about a week (that is my experience with shipping time).

- You are also given $10 a month to spend towards anything you want to keep out of your box. Instead of paying the retail price, you're offered to keep the item at an already discounted price, and the $10 comes off of that. 

- My Rocksbox referral code, ALIZADVENTURESXOXO, gets you a free month of unlimited boxes, but this code is only valid for another two months, so if you're on the fence, now's the time that I would give it a shot. 

Sleep While Traveling 
I almost just changed the above to "Camille's Sleep While Traveling," but then left as-is ... because really, it affected us all. I mentioned on Friday that we were in the mountains and she wasn't sleeping well. At all. A lot of you had some pretty spot-on suggestions (sadly, we were already doing a lot of them).

I will need a week to catch up on my sleep. Off to play again:

She was in a crib instead of a pack-and-play which you would think would give better sleep. We had it completely dark, with her sound machine from home turned on, and with her favorite lovies and blanket right there with her.

I think what threw her off was just knowing that we weren't home, it wasn't her crib, and we were all sharing a room. She was around the corner, completely out of sight from us, but the bathroom where we got ready at night was across from her crib and she would wake at the slightest sound. One night it was me sliding a pack of baby wipes across the carpet so Ian wouldn't accidentally kick it. Then she'd wake around midnight and a few times after. Things slightly leveled out over tiem, but what we'll likely do next time is just try to ensure that she is in a separate room all together. Back at home now, and not a single issue!

Gestational Diabetes
I have found so many of you to be an invaluable resource, so THANK YOU. After lunch today is my two-hour meeting with the diabetes center to map out a gameplan and get my glucose meter so I can start testing. Normally I wouldn't be so excited about pricking my finger, but I'm actually anxious to get the whole process started and become aware of my numbers.

Within the last week I've started making some tweaks to my diet based upon what I'm assuming I'll have to do from here on out. For example, at Which Wich on Friday, I opted out of my favorite sandwich (black bean patty with hummus on wheat with feta) and went instead for the tuna salad bowl-wich for the same price. Didn't even miss the bread!

YSL Touche Eclat Concealer
So, I gave this a shot and I'm going to stick with my drugstore concealer for now. Don't get me wrong; it was awesome. Smooth coverage, long-lasting, brightening. Shade 02 worked perfectly for me. But for $42, I can purchase SIX of these! If I were still working, I might splurge on this pen, but I don't mind sticking with my favorite drugstore dupe.

That's it for now, but see you back here tomorrow for Five on Friday! If there is anything else you'd like an update on, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!


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