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Well, well, well, last night was not a win for our dear Panthers, but ... we made it to the Super Bowl! And that is HUGE!

The last time we were in the Super Bowl, it was 2004. It was my senior year at Furman. I had never walked across a college graduation stage. I had a boyfriend (not Ian). I drove a purple Pontiac Sunfire with an ADPi sticker on the back. Sex And The City was massive, but the Real Housewives weren't even a "thing" yet. I had held a few jobs -- working at a scrapbook store and nannying. I didn't know where I was going to be living six months later.

So, a lot has changed since then! Career. Marriage. The miracle of childbirth. Japanese-made cars. And the delightful city of Charlotte is my home. I am so happy that our city's team made it as far as they did, and it was a hell of a lot of fun rooting them on this season. This spring and summer will inevitably fly by, as they do, and the next thing I know, Ian will be outside grilling wings again, blasting the 2015/2016 highlight reel through the TV and speakers, and we will be gearing up for another season of electric blue and black. Dab on 'em!

We had a small group of friends and family over here to my house to watch the game. My parents even came up from Columbia which was great. 

The game ended late, I was in bed around 11:15 and Ian and my dad stayed out in the kitchen talking (probably politics the whole time ... I turned on my sound machine app after hearing the word "socialism" -- yikes). They came back sometime after 1am. 

Even Camille got to stay up late! She went down around 8:15, right before the halftime show started. I hated for her to miss out on Beyonce, but she was looking like this and it was time:

We barely made it through Honey Bunny, which is a five-page book. 

I loved scrolling through my social media feeds and seeing some of the little girls I made hairbows for this football season. No lie, I think I've made close to 100 Panthers bows that I have sold on a local Facebook moms selling site. I'm sort of glad to move back to springtime patterns and move away from blue and black :)

So, great job to our guys! Thanks for giving us a wild ride this football season ... it truly was a blast. We had a phenomenal reason to gather with loved ones last night and enjoy sausage balls, quesadillas, grilled chicken wings, smoked pulled pork, dips, cupcakes, a keg (some people) and water (me).

And -- we will, as our team slogan reminds us, KEEP POUNDING!


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