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Well we did it - we finally split the living room in at our NJ shore apartment to make an extra bedroom. We had been thinking about it for ages but were loathe to give up the spacious feel of the living room. But with another baby on the way, we knew our days of sharing one bedroom were numbered so it was time to make the call.

Now the wall is up, it's time to furnish this little space. Perhaps its the 1980s child in me but there was nothing cooler than bunk beds when I was growing up so it seemed like the perfect solution to a small space. Of course I love the really fancy built in bunk beds with all the bells and whistles but that wasn't practical for lots of reasons here so I went all the way to the other side of the scale and headed straight to Ikea.

Simple and cheap, this seemed like a good solution.  And it looks like I'm in some amazing company as some of my very favorite bloggers have used this very same bed in their designs. Amazing how a coat of paint can transform this knotty pine look.

sources: Lauren LeonardHolly Matthis | Oh Joy

Anyone have this bed and want to share their thoughts on it? I'm a little bit lost on the rules of bunk bed bedding - I don't want to create a big nightmare of having to lift the mattress every time I make the bed but I'm not sure if there is an alternative. 

Can I add artwork on the wall next to the bed or am I sure to have it come crashing down on the littles?

As for the living room, that is also a work in progress. (to refresh your memory, click here to see what it looked like before)  This is what it looks like now. While not 100% ideal, my existing furniture works well enough so I'm super happy about that. I need to get some new window treatments and artwork before I can call it done but more about that in another post.

It's still a bit of a mess down there so pardon the dust.

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