Charlotte Is One Month

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Oh Charlotte, you are one month old!
(See also: we survived our "two under two" month!)

The day we brought you home from the hospital, we embraced this sweet new life of balancing newborn days with our crazy toddler days. It's certainly different this time around ... gone are the moments of just laying on the couch all day with a newborn on my chest. Thank goodness Charlotte doesn't know any differently. :) I do live for the moments when Camille goes down for an afternoon nap and I have that delicious hour to lay on the couch with Charlotte and just snuggle.

Speaking of snuggling, this is our true snugglebug. If you've met her, you know what I'm talking about. She is happiest when cuddled up against someone on their chest. She's been a cuddler since day one, much more than Camille ever was.


 At her one-month appointment, she weighed 10 pounds, 0.5 ounces and was 21" long with a head circumference of 38 centimeters.

  She's still nursing like a champ although we've had five or six episodes of projectile spitting up which I never experienced with Camille. The pediatrician is not concerned and said she's just a "happy spitter."

We introduced the pacifier at 3 weeks but have not yet introduced a bottle. She's still sleeping in the rock-and-play next to our bed, but after this weekend we're going to start the transition to sleeping in the crib in her nursery. And she does NOT like to be swaddled at all, which is really different from Camille. She will cry cry cry until her arms are free, so now I just swaddle her from the armpits down for sleeping.

She's still in size newborn diapers and size newborn clothes with some 0-3 month clothes starting to fit.

Here are the items we are loving! Excited to see what the next month holds!

one month faves

First Month Favorites


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