Mama + Minis Matching Set and The Postpartum Bod

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First things first, I have to share the cutest little matching outfits I bought for us to wear this summer!

I scooped this trio up at Old Navy recently (online, le duh) and admit that I'm a little too excited than a grown lady should be about matching outfits. I bought a tank for myself to wear with white jeans (it's more fitted up top but flowy in the tummy area, which is my favorite style these days). Camille and Charlotte have matching dresses in 0-3 months and 2T sizes.

Pintuck Swing Cami (currently on sale for $10! - way less than I paid)
I'm pretty petite - 5'2" - but I didn't want this to be too short, so I ordered the XS in the regular size instead of petite. It's also available in tall for any of you who are blessed with more height. It's available now from XS through XXL.

Tea Length Toddler Dress (currently on sale for $16)
This one is currently available from 12-18 months up to 5T sizing.

Printed Crossback Dress (currently on sale for $19)
This one is currently available from 0-3months up to 18-24 months. 

Since my iPhone snap leaves a little to be desired, here are the stock photos in a collage I put together to show how they will look.

Matching Set from ON

Now, on to the postpartum body. I put some photos up on Snapchat last night (@alizadventures) from a little shopping trip I took. Ian stayed home with the girls while I ran out to TJ Maxx. I was tired of my clothes not fitting and I just needed a few new (dark, tent-like) pieces to help hold me over for what will hopefully be a few more weeks or a month. 

Here are the photos I put on Snapchat. It was actually a fun way to shop -- sort of felt like I was shopping with girlfriends!

I wound up getting four items and only paid $6.12 after some gift cards I had. Not too bad!

The truth about pregnancy for most ladies is that the weight does not "fall right off." Even if the scale says what it used to, your body may have taken on a new shape all together. Like, whose belly button is that?!?! All very worth it, but it makes feeling comfortable in your skin a little challenging for a while. I would guess that I'm still a good 8-10 pounds above my "normal" weight right now, and it's all right in my lower tummy. I wear dark colors a lot, steer clear of stripes, and love my shapewear! Ha!

So, if you have found any tips or tricks for dressing a post-partum body that really worked for you, hit me up! I'd love to hear from you.


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