Black and White Bathroom Mini Makeover Complete

Brooklyn Limestone
A few months ago, I shared how much I didn't love my guest bathroom. It was in that weird decor limbo where it was good enough not to be totally offensive so I've lived with not liking it for 8 years but your comments gave me the impetus to just make a change. And oh boy do I love it!

I went bold with black paint - what I had wanted to do all those years ago but chickened out with an untested grey that ended up looking like poop brown. See, that is what I get for not following my own advice about testing before painting!!  To quickly cover up that mistake I used some blue green paint I had hanging around and closed the door to this room.

As you can see, this bathroom is small so it didn't take much to make a big impact.  First the paint - Glidden Diamond in Onyx Black - was exactly what this space needed.  It really makes the white tiles and fixtures pop and brings out the black in the vintage style hex flooring.  I also changed the light fixture, shelving and linens but that was about it.  It was an easy makeover with a big result.  Now I just love walking past it!


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