Black and White Little Big Girl Room Gets Trimmed Out

Brooklyn Limestone
Ah picture molding - you compete me. It took forever to get around to this project but what a difference it makes!  I had been storing these pieces of trim molding since working on Aggie's baby nursery in 2012 and I'm so glad I did!  A few hours of work and a little careful measuring later, the whole space looks so much more complete!

I'm finally ready for the home stretch here. A little art, some storage and Aggie herself. I just have to organize that closet with Aggie's stuff (aka throw most of my craft supplies away - the things we do for our children!)  - a project I'm putting on the absolute must do list before the new baby arrives.  Wish me luck!  As you can see, Aggie already has taken up temporary residence.

Jenny Lind bed  | scored second hand + painted black
Banded Custom Drapes | Tonic Living
Chevron Stripe Rug | Rugs USA
Chandelier | Vintage scored from Mr. Limestone's parents old house
Wall Paint: Glidden Marshmallow White Flat
Ceiling Paint: Glidden Onyx Black Flat


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