DIY: A Professional Looking Flower Arrangement

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Our knockout roses in the backyard are looking amazing this season. Wish I could take credit, but it's all my hubby (not kidding). He's like the manliest man around, and this guy can grow some pretty roses. I mean, he's not reading rose cultivation books in his free time or harvesting his own hybrids, but he does a great job with keeping our plants fertilized and pruned.

I love clipping some flowers from the insides and bottoms of the bushes so that they stay lovely outdoors but we can enjoy some colorful blossoms indoors. I have such an easy trick for creating a professional looking arrangement in your home.

Gather your blooms along with a vase and some clear tape. You are going to use the clear tape to create a grid on the vase, like you can see in these photos.

Start sticking the clippings into the grid. It may take a few times to see how you like the placement the best. I wanted a very organic, asymmetrical look for this arrangement. Make sure to take a few steps backward from time to time so that you can see how it looks from afar.

And I mean ... THAT'S IT. 

So easy, right?

I added in some Purple Wandering Jew clippings at the back to add a little contrast and some dimension. I really love the way it looks. Plus, I'm curious if it will root in the water, because Ian found some pieces that fell off in our yard and rooted!

I think this arrangement looks so pretty on our entryway table, and considering that it was free to put together and completely easy, it's a major win in my book!


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