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You know what was fun? Last Monday's roll call post.

I had just shy of 300 comments (it's not too late if you'd like to join in!) and it was SO fascinating to me to hear a little bit about you. Your name, where you live, some of you even chimed in with how long you've been reading here, and duh! - what you had for breakfast! That was SO fun.

I promised prizes, and prizes you will get. Your next coffee and cake pop are on ME. Please email me if your name is below so I can email you $10 to Starbucks!

First Commenter: Jennifer from Jenuine Happiness
Furthest Commenter: Maddie from remote Western Austrailia (WOW!)
100th Commenter: "Brittany from South Carolina - banana with almond butter & coffee to drink!"

So, can we keep this going? Because I truly, TRULY loved hearing from you. 

Today's question ...
What do you do for a living?

Me? I'm currently staying at home with my daughters. I also make children's hairbows to make a little side money :) Until last year, I worked as a health and wellness account executive with an insurance carrier, and I helped our companies put wellness programs in place for their employees and health plan members. When I go back to work, I'm not sure if I'll try to stay in this type of industry or if I will want to do something completely different (my degree is in Spanish). 

Your turn! What do you do?


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