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I'm all about streamlining what's in my already huge diaper bag. Sometimes when I go out solo, I get such joy in just grabbing my wallet, phone, and keys and leaving the entire heavy bag at home. 

Recently, Ian and I were given the chance to try out a phone case from jimmyCASE. The cool thing about this concept is that it allows you to leave your bulky wallet at home for even more streamlining! The heavy-duty elastic at back holds credit cards and cash. You could even slip a housekey in it. 

We both looked at the various color selections for our iPhone 6s, and we decided on this combo.

Getting the new case on my phone was so easy, and it's not bulky at all. You can see this side image that I shot that shows how slim it is.

The elastic back holds any combo of cash or cards that you'd like. 

My mom advised me to always have an emergency $20 bill on hand somewhere in my car (and keep from spending it). It can really get you out of a pinch, like if you run out of gas on the way home and left your only debit card at the bar ... yep, this has happened to me before. Not recently :)

So, would I recommend this phone case? Definitely. I love the natural mahogany wood on these cases and will be interested to see how they hold up over time. The elastic is so strong that I just don't see it losing any strength. And they have great colors to fit a variety of phones!

They are handmade in the USA and offer free shipping. Ian and I are both really excited to have stylish phone cases that streamline our lives and lighten our load. Bravo, jimmyCASE!


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