Roll Call: Life Is So Unfair

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It's a Monday morning ROLL CALL!

I'm so glad to hear from many of you that you enjoy these discussion topics. Remember that they are only fun if you're participating, so please take the time to comment with your two cents! I truly enjoy reading all of your comments, and it has really helped me to feel re-energized again connecting with the blog reading community.


I saw in a Facebook group this weekend a mom inquiring about whether she should allow her begging teenager to have Snapchat or not. She said that her kid was the "ONLY one at school without it" which got a lot more responses in return about how other womens' children were the "ONLY ones" without so-and-so.

It really took me back to when I was growing up and, you know, life was sooooo unfair because of ... whatever it was at the time (far removed from Snapchat).

Tell me about your experience with this. Life was SO unfair because you were the only one who could not __________ ?

(Me? I was definitely the ONLY kid at school who wasn't allowed to go see PG-13 movies ... when I was 14. I remember asking my mom to go see the Brady Bunch movie and getting shot down -- and just feeling mortified!)


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