Roll Call!

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For a little fun this Monday morning, let's do a roll call!

How do we find ourselves at Monday so quickly?!:

I was laying in bed this morning thinking how much I missed the days of commenting a lot on blogs. But with the ease of reading blogs on-the-go nowadays, I find myself engaging fellow bloggers a lot less. I used to read blogs strictly from my desktop computer, where commenting was easier. These days I'm reading them on my iPad while feeding the baby or scrolling through them on my iPhone in the checkout line of the grocery store. But, I still think the best part about blogging is engaging with others ... so let's do that.

Oh also? There will be little prizes involved. So ... play along!

(Hey you ... miss "I never comment on blogs, ever" - chime in today, mmmmkay?)

Please comment below with:
Your Name
Where You Live
What You Ate For Breakfast

That's it. Easy peasy!


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