Wednesday Randomnity

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Is "randomnity" a word?
Let's go with it.

First of all, I received the first sneak preview the other day from our recent family photo session. Thanks to all of you on Snapchat (@alizadventures) who helped me decide to wear my hair down! I think it looks more natural than it would have looked up. And I wouldn't have been able to pull off those fab earrings with my hair up, I don't think. They are actually a find from JCPenney a few years ago! They are nice and heavy and really well-made. Charlotte looks SO cute here. Pretty blue-eyed girl.

Next up, a new mascara. I recently purchased a Cover Girl two-step mascara, but it was waterproof and a royal pain to try to remove each night. I dreaded washing my face for that reason. Plus, after applying it, it always ended up on my eyelids and was a BEAST to try to get off. So I exchanged it the other day for L'Oreal Voluminous Super Star mascara. I'm going to link it to Target HERE because it's $9.99 there and I actually paid $11.99 for it at the drugstore, so there's a little cost savings. :) I'm liking it a lot so far and I believe that these two-step mascaras are the best way to achieve long lashes. 

Lastly, I was invited yesterday to a media preview (gah, I am embarrassed at how cool I feel saying that) of the new GW store. GW is a specialty shop associated with Goodwill. Goodwill Industries here in Charlotte is doing a fantastic job to attract shoppers and support local job-seekers! 

So, what's cool about GW?
Well, they funnel out all of the higher-end, name brand items that have been donated to Goodwill and they pull them all under one roof. AND - the items keep their low Goodwill pricing.

Yesterday at GW I scored this Tracy Negoshian dress for $8.99. I also bought a gorgeous geometric print J. McLaughlin wrap shirt for $12.99.

Having major regret over not scooping up this tassel wastebasket cover for $4.99.
The sunshiney yellow pouf was $49.99.

GW is a permanent store (not a pop-up like their installment last fall) and it is officially open TODAY! It's located at 5301 Wilkinson Boulevard. Definitely worth checking out if you love a deal like I do. Here's a recent article with more details. 

See you all tomorrow ... I have a great and easy recipe to share!


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