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If you guys have followed along, then you know that last year I painted all of the living, breakfast and family rooms Reliable White by SW.  Everything looked fabulous until I put the sofa back against the living room wall.  All of a sudden my sofa didn't look white, it looked beige or yellow.  Not a good thing.  I wanted a white room and my sofa to show as white since it really is white.

When You Have The Wrong White - -  this is the post I did to show you my problem right after I painted.

My sofa is a cut velvet pattern.  The velvet is white, but the back ground is an off white or pale beige.  Overall the sofa reads white until you put the wrong white with it.

Once the walls were painted Reliable White the sofa looked yellow or beige.  Reliable white does not have a gray tone, but next to my sofa it does, so this is totally the wrong color for this sofa wall.

I originally had the walls painted a soft camel color, so I went back to the paint store and had them mix that same camel color a little lighter and painted just this one wall that the sofa was one.  See, now my sofa looks like it's true color - white.

Since we have all the furniture being pulled out of here so the new floors can go down, I thought this was a great time to show you the sofa wall again.  You can see in the mirror reflection that the entrance wall is also this camel color.  (I am painting that white now that the room is empty, but the sofa wall with stay)

If your white furniture isn't reading white, then maybe it's the wrong wall color.  No one ever notices that this one wall is not white, they just notice a white room with white furniture.

Make sure you test all your paint samples against all your furniture and if you want white, maybe you just need to paint things a color that will read white even if it isn't.

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