Where to go for a Vintage Old Shanghai Themed Photoshoot

Where to go for a Vintage Old Shanghai Themed Photoshoot

I did a vintage photo shoot recently with an Old Shanghai theme and I really love how it turned out. 

Where? Where else, China of course. If you're traveling to China and you love having your photos taken, this is an enjoyable and relatively inexpensive activity (if you pick the most basic package) that you can add to your bucket list. Be prepared to draw lots of oohs and ahhs from all your friends and family when they see your photos!

There are two spots where you can do this in Nanjing: 
1) Laomendong; and
2) Nanjing Museum

Nostalgic Photo Studio at Laomendong, Nanjing

Both attractions have a vintage photography studio. You can be a cheapie like me and just go for the most basic studio photoshoot package where you'll get 1 hard copy of a photograph similar to the ones above for 70 yuan or about S$15 (inclusive of a simple hairdo, accessories, clothes and professional lighting equipment). You are also allowed to take your own photos in the shop, so be sure to bring along your own camera too. 

These are some photos taken by my hubby:

Waiting to elope with my secret lover

Laomendong, Nanjing (China)

If you prefer the full works, you can opt for the most comprehensive package which includes an elaborate vintage hairstyle, make-up and several backdrops and poses. You'll get to keep an album of photos too. This would set you back by 1680 yuan or about S$350

The full works

These photos give you a flavour of what the backdrops look like. On hindsight, I should have styled my hair in the series of photos below to match the gorgeous Old Shanghai setting in Nanjing Museum. With the right makeup, hairdo and backdrop (plus some editing), anyone can transform into an upper class woman of leisure sipping tea in a retro tea house or a cute schoolgirl waiting to elope with her secret lover.  

Retro tea house in Nanjing Museum

Cinema from a bygone era at Nanjing Museum

Streets of Old Shanghai at Nanjing Museum

If you prefer the DIY route, it is possible to ace this shoot with your Instagram boyfriend or husband by wearing your own cheongsam, styling your hair yourself (check out tutorials on pinterest & youtube) and bringing your own props. 

It's a really fun way to spend an afternoon and you can expect the end results to be nothing short of spectacular!


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