A Dining Area Rug & One For The Kitchen

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With the new wood floors, I wanted a rug to kind of ground the dining area of my living/dining room combination.  Finding just the right size was a little tricky.

This isn't a very large space and is just your typical builder basic floor plan of living/dining all in one room.  The dining area looks like a sea of brown, so I think I need a rug to help break things up a little.

This is the space I am working with.  As you can see here, the doorway to the kitchen/family room area is on the left, so I need to stay within certain boundaries here.  I want the chairs around the table to be on the rug.  That meant that a 5' x 8' was too small - I needed a 6' x 9'.
That cut down my choices quite a bit unless I wanted to go custom.  I really just wanted something simple and non-descript so it didn't compete with the cowhide rug.  I decided the best choice would be a sisal rug - easy and simple, plus there were several to choose from in 6' x 9'.

 To make sure I got the right size rug, I moved all the furniture out and measured again.  (I know, it seems like we've done nothing but move furniture lately)

This is a small area, but it will work with a 6' x 9' I think.

Well, the rug came today and I am not sure this is the look I am going for. (Hubby is not home, so I couldn't get the table back in place.)

 I think this fights with the cowhide rug.  I don't like that idea.

Not at all the look I am going for, so I think this one goes back.  I like the room better with just the cowhide, so it will stay that way for now.

This room isn't all that big, so I don't think chopping it up with rugs will help.

I did find one rug that I really like and it is an indoor-outdoor rug for the kitchen.  I love that it is plaid and has black and tan in it.

 One out of two isn't bad.  This one is the Safavieh Courtyard Black/ Bone Indoor Outdoor Rug from Overstock. 

I am happy with the dining area left  with no rug for now. What do you think?

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