How To Use A Cowhide Rug - Tips

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I am like everyone else, I love a cowhide rug and they can make a room look totally amazing.  I love the one I found at Cowhides International.  They have tons to choose from with prices starting at just $99 for smaller ones and you can also shop by color.  That is what interested me the most.  I wanted something that was light in color so it would pop off my dark floors.  I talked to them on the phone and told them the color I was looking for and the lady sent me two pics of ones that she thought fit my description. She said the two she emailed the pics to me hadn't been entered in the computer yet, but she thought it sounded like what I was looking for.  They have pictures of tons of them online that you can see and it will be the actual rug you would get.  The picture of this one was exactly what I wanted, so she sent it out and I got it in about 3 days.  ( They did not compensate me in anyway, but they were super helpful.  Just passing on the info. )  Oh, just so you know, mine is really large 7.5' x 8' and the cost was $329.

Now comes the part that I have been playing with forever and so has everyone I know.  We have angled this rug a million different ways.  I first had it this way, then decided it was not right.

I love this pretty palomino spot on the side, so I want to make sure it shows.

I went on pinterest to see if there were any  tried and true rules or angles and found out they are showcased a dozen different ways.  It all depends on the room.
“I might be slightly obsessed with these Nguni cowhide rugs from @zealliving I'm having so much fun styling these bad boys and layering them throughout…”:


This appears to be a pretty standard direction if they are layered over a rug.

Ok, back to my rug.  Several of you suggested that I angle the rug horizontal like the picture above.  That just really didn't look right in my room, so I did a modified version.

I like it semi-horizontal and think it looks really well turned that way.  Better than so perpendicular like I originally showed.  Here is the original way - -

and now - - -  Better right?

So what do you think, do you have any tried and true rules for how to display a cowhide rug?

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