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For the most part we have been really pleased with what our home builder did and haven't found any really glaring construction disasters, just mainly builder basic and  run of the mill finishes and fixtures.  He didn't use the cheapest, but definitely lower middle of the road.  Today that all changed!!!

Ok, I know I just showed you this bathroom.  Totally builder basic but functional.  I wanted to give it a little face lift, so I was thrilled to receive two new light fixtures from Lamps Plus to replace these. ( @LampsPlus #LampsPlusBlogHer16 ) 

Here is a mock up showing what the new fixtures will look like.  Aren't they pretty.  Well hubby got busy taking the old ones down to put the new ones up.  Now here is where we couldn't believe our eyes.  See how the old ones have a really wide back plate that attaches to the wall and the new ones have a small square.  That is where the problem began and we couldn't believe our eyes.
This is what we found when he took the old fixtures down.  I have already patched the holes, but behind the old back plate were huge openings where someone cut the sheetrock back too far and didn't patch it.  The light on the left had to be patched with a 3" patch and the one on the right with a 6"square patch.  Why in the world would you just leave the wall open like that and not fix it.  I had to go to the store and buy some spackle and hole patch tape and fabric, plus we had to put a piece of sheetrock in the wall.  I had a small piece left over in the garage from when I took the medicine cabinet out of the hall bathroom and patched the wall in there.  You can see that tutorial here.  Now when the spackle drys I can paint and the wall will be fixed properly.

While we are waiting for the spackle to dry he did put the new hardware pulls on.  I think these pretty silver ones are much better than the previous bronze ones.  I just chose something simple and classic.

The makeover is coming together slowly but surely.  The new rugs I ordered should be here today and I did a makeover on the art, so once the new lights are installed we will be just about done.

Glad to have these big holes patched.

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