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I think we all know how popular Bar Carts are.  I agree they are a fabulous addition to help with your entertaining.  They can be rolled around anywhere you need them and can function for any occasion whether it is formal or casual.  Now if you don't have one or have room for one like me, you can still set up a Beverage Station in several different ways.

Wine Rack gets dressed up.  I have had this wine rack for years.  It is one I found at an unfinished furniture store and stained.  It is very narrow, so it fits into a corner anywhere with ease.

 I have this one in the corner of my breakfast area.  It a great size to hold several bottles of wine.  This way we always have something to serve our guests anytime and for any occasion.

I wanted to dress up the top with some necessary bar type items.  I found a fabulous tall beverage dispenser that is perfect for when we make Champagne Punch or Sangria.  The tray also holds napkins, straws, a corkscrew and a small dish for corks.  I keep a bottle of Lemonade on hand so children can have a special drink too.   I love chocolate and found two different bottles of Chocolate Wine, so I have those displayed on top.  These are so fun to pour over ice cream for dessert.

  Let's set up the bar.   I do have a tray that I can use to set up a Liquor Bar on the buffet in the dining room.  I usually only set this up if we are having a special dinner.

Find a pretty tray at Goodwill or any thrift store and add a glass or metal container for ice and you can create a very serviceable bar area.

A couple of decantors, your favorite liquors, some pretty glasses and you are set.

Set Up A Beverage Station On The Island.  I like to set up a small Beverage Station on the kitchen island.  This is the perfect place to grab a glass of wine, or maybe a lemonade.  An antique bottle carrier easily holds all of your bottles.  Add some glasses, napkins, a corkscrew, a little plant and corral it all in a tray and you are good to go.  This is so easy to grab and take outside too.

If you don't have a  Bar Cart or a place to have one, then think outside the box.  Almost anything can substitute.

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