Country Cottage DIY Circular Firepit Patio

Brooklyn Limestone
Woo-hoo!  The country cottage's circular fire pit patio is finally complete!  It was a bit of a battle as we had some obstacles in the form of bedrock at the patio site and an extra cold spring and rainy weekends but it got completed in July and I'm so happy to share it.

Circular DIY Brick Patio

Let's start at the beginning.  This is the before:

Circular DIY Brick Patio

After the spot was excavated, there was a fair bit of jackhammering and rock moving required to get that round hole dug deep enough to start laying the base. Once the prep was done, the rest went a bit easier and you could really see the outdoor area take shape. (I can take no credit for any of that backbreaking work as I was very much pregnant and fully okay with using that an excuse to just shout design suggestions from the sidelines.)  We used a layer of landscaping fabric to prevent weeds followed by pea gravel, sand, the stones and then polymetric jointing sand to hold the whole thing together.

Circular DIY Brick Patio Apr 29
Circular DIY Brick Patio

Thanks to some super wet weather, we had to let that dry for several days before it felt stable enough to proceed but it did harden eventually.  Finally it was time for the firepit - the center of the action at any outdoor gathering with us!  My brother and sister in law smartly used some of the rock broken up from the excavation to lay a windy stone path from the house to the patio. Waste not, want not!

Circular DIY Brick Patio May 30

Once the hard work was behind us, the fun part of outfitting the patio with just the right pieces to make the most of this backyard space was ready to start.   In went Adirondack chairs - painted black to give it a more updated look.
Backyard_BrooklynLimestone (5 of 27)160723

After deciding we wanted to be able to move the lighting for different types of events, these allen + roth string lights were strung from cedar poles anchored into cement bases.

Circular DIY Brick Patio

Lumber and pipes were used to make this s'mores fixings cart which I'm kind of obsessed with.  Once again, on wheels to make the most of it's function as BBQ cart, firewood caddy or outdoor bar cart as needed.

Circular DIY Brick Patio (11 of 27)160723

Finally off to the side we created another zone with a picnic table and a hammock for extra mingling and relaxing spots.
Circular DIY Brick Patio
Circular DIY Brick Patio (7 of 27)160723

I just love this space so much! Maybe it's city life but the raging fire is the ultimate entertainment for all ages. I wish it were in my own backyard but I'll just have to plan to stop over a little more often.

Disclosure: This project was done in partnership with Lowes but all opinions expressed are my own. 

List of materials used for this project:
Red Charcoal Holland Concrete Patio Stone
Paver Base
Polymeric Jointing Sand
Landscape Fabric 
Flagstone Firepit Project Kit
Adirondack Chairs
Picnic Table
Striped Pillows
5 gallon buckets
Bulb String Lights


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