How To Downsize & Create Your Dream Room With Thrift Store Finds

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I am not sure why this post has been viewed so much lately, but thought maybe I should re-run it since people are finding it somewhere.  This is from a couple years ago, but so relevant still.  If you are trying to downsize or just lighten up, here are a few tips that might help you.

I am always asked a lot of questions about my living room.  I know I have shown it so many times that most of you feel like you live her, however there are some basic questions or comments that I hear over and over, so I thought I would answer them here. 

 How to downsize and create your dream with Thrift Store finds.

We sold the "big house" and downsized 8 10  years ago.  Our home sold in 1 hour with a bidding war and for $25,000 over the asking price.  The only condition was, could we move in 3 weeks.   Now I hadn't even looked for a home yet, so I was under a ton of pressure.  I needed something ready to move in.  This was a builder basic "Spec Home".  Not my true love, but the price was right.  I didn't do much when we moved in but place what furniture I could into each room and call it good.  I soon found out that downsizing was much harder than I had ever thought and I really missed the big house.   Finally I decided to love where I am and make it work for us, so there have been many transitions over the last 8 10 years.

Here are a couple of pictures of our living and dining area in the previous home.  Now don't laugh at the decor, this was the early 90's and I was heavy into my red and gold phase.

 The living/dining area measured 25 x 40 and had two story vaulted ceilings, so lots of room and space.
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