That Ol' Friday Night Fish Fry

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A few weekends ago, Ian professed that we would never be eating with our kiddos in restaurants again ... at least for several years. 

As you can imagine, this statement came right on the heels of the lunch from you know where. It was one thing after another that day -- a tipped-over cup that spilled milk all under our table, crayons being thrown, a meal that arrived with everything except for Camille's lunch, me and Ian staring quietly at our salads while we waited foreverrrr for C's macaroni to be ladled out into a bowl, mounting frustrations from everyone, and then the two-year-old tantrum that ensued in a BIG way. Takeout boxes, cash thrown on the table, you are probably wincing now as you are imagining it. 

Ian gets a lot more mortified about these type of things than I do. It's not ideal, for sure, but I also try to be realistic about our expectations with the girls. The meal above was sort of the perfect storm and it doesn't always go THAT badly. 

But this past Friday night, we figured that we would give the local fish fry at the Country Corner gas station a shot because it was a casual atmosphere and it would be a quick dinner. It was PERFECT and the girls were both angels. 

The food came out quickly which was key ... and Camille had a nice big ear of corn to work on!

Ian and I shared our entrees since we both wanted to try the brisket and the salt and pepper catfish. He got slaw, I ordered green beans, and we both couldn't resist the fried okra calling our names from the menu. 

Back at home that evening, we got the girls down for bed and watched some of the Olympics. 

The rest of the weekend was filled with more fun family adventures -- antique shopping, a trip for Camille to go see some horses, lots of coloring, a family Walmart shopping trip, and guess what ... another successful lunch out as a family. :) 


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