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Now that we are turning the corner to fall, it seems like we are all in the process of reinventing and redoing all of our decor.  Sometimes tables-tops and vignettes can be the hardest part of decorating.  Here is another repeat that has been pinned a gazillion times lately.  I think one of the hardest surfaces in our homes to decorate is the coffee table.  It has to function and we still want it to look pretty.  Here are a few tips and ideas on how to tie it in with the rest of your decor.  I've added a few of my newest pinned ones too.

I  find that I get in a rut and use the same accessories over and over again.  I have a lot of stuff in my stash, so I need to use it or purge it.

I went through my archives to find a few different arrangements I have used for my coffee tables.  It's nice to refresh my memory and see how a few of my accessories work in different ways.

My coffee table in the family room is square, and that can be a problem.  I always feel like all 4 squares of the table need to have something on it.  I love this table, it has 4 stools that store underneath and are fabulous when an extra seat is required, plus the rush tops of the stools are so pretty to see through the glass.  

However with all this going on, putting something on top of the table can be a challenge.

I love using trays to create a story.  This also gives me the opportunity to add some shine or color to the table in a subtle way.  Trays are a great way to make a few diverse pieces look cohesive.
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