Life with Oscar

Brooklyn Limestone
Well we made it through the first month.  I'm happy to report that Oscar is a pretty easy kid and enjoys his naps. Of course that is no solace when I'm up all night. I don't think I've ever drank so much coffee.  But all things considered, I have no complaints.

I won't say we have settled into a new routine just yet but we are getting there.  Agatha is still not quite warmed up to the idea of sharing the spotlight but she is coming around. I admit that sometimes during those wee hours I think about how we will never again be a threesome and the tears flow. Quite possibly the most ridiculous thing to be sad about but I'm blaming the crazy hormones.

But it's September and the days of sitting around like lumps are wrapping up. Time to get Halloween prep underway!  Who is ready for things that go bump in the night?


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