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We had a great and full weekend.

Friday night, we had dinner with friends of ours at the local pizzeria. The pies there are huuuuge and delicious. The husbands wanted to head next door for a beer at the sports bar while we girls took the babies two doors down for frozen yogurt (who am I kidding, I was really the one who was craving some marshmallow froyo with Butterfinger and cookie dough on it). 

Crazy thing was, one of the biggest stars of the Panthers football team was also there with his family. We snagged a pic with Greg Olsen ... he was so kind.

Saturday we went to visit some friends to watch the ECU game. Camille loves their daughters (they are older than her) and had a blast playing with their Barbies! We munched on smoked wings, shrimp cocktail, a veggie tray, steak stuffed jalapenos, and (my favorite) buffalo chicken dip. 

That evening, Ian stayed at home with Charlotte and I took Camille to a fall festival where she got to ride on a pony and take a hay ride! She was scared at first of the hay ride but then really enjoyed it.

Ian scored last-minute tickets to the Panthers game yesterday afternoon, so I stayed at home with the girls and we played and watched the game on TV. 

I was worried about him being downtown yesterday with all of the unrest going on in Charlotte, but he said it was completely peaceful and safe. I think our city is on the upswing and ready to make some forward progress. It's hard seeing the city you love (and describe to others as being such a friendly, safe, Southern-hospitality spot) being highlighted on the national news for all of the bad and scary stuff going on. It was positively unrecognizable last week. 

Last night we got the girls in bed and relaxed with some lamb gyros from a nearby Greek spot. I made some oven fries and topped them with lots of oregano and garlic powder for an extra kick. They were DELISH with the gyros!

Hope your week is off to a great start. It's time for us to get ready for Camille's weekly ballet class!

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