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If you've been reading my blog long enough, you know how much of a Halloween nut that my husband is. I've always liked it, but he LOVES it. If the television is on at any given point in October in our home, there's an 80% chance that a Friday the 13th will be playing (well, you know, when no kiddo eyes are around). 

Two years ago, for Ian's birthday, I gave him tickets to SCarowinds ... it's the Halloween version of Carowinds where the lights go out, the spooky songs are blasted throughout the park, and there are actors dressed in costumes who wander the park, spooking the guests! He LOVED it, and we would have gone again last year but I was pregnant with Charlotte. This year was the perfect year to return!

We got our tickets and made our first stop to get our Fast Lane Plus passes. These are not inexpensive ($70/ea), BUT we consider them essential. They allow you to bypass the lines. My husband is not patient and not a fan of lengthy lines, so this is a no-brainer for us. We were also paying for a babysitter, so we wanted to spend our time at SCarowinds riding tons of rides and not waiting in line all night.

Next stop? Fury 325.

I don't like rollercoasters. Well, I didn't. I was PETRIFIED of them growing up. My middle sister rode them with my dad and I waited at the bottom, trembling. Sometimes I'd get in line with them and then the panic would set in and I'd have to maneuver my way solo out of the snaking line to find my mom and baby sister. 

But Ian loves them, and I rode one two years ago, and dare I say that it was a thrill ... and fun?! So as soon as we got our Fast Lane passes, we headed straight to Fury 325 (it's rather new and was not there for our last trip) and Ian asked for first row seats. I could have hit him. Heights reach 325 feet and it goes 95 miles per hour.

But it was also fun to knock the scariest ride out first. 

And we survived!

After a while, we sat down for a beer with a map and plotted out our roller coaster plan. Intimidator was one that we rode two years ago and really enjoyed. Afterburn, Carolina Cobra, and Carolina Goldrusher are three of my other favorites. Nighthawk is the one where you are laying down on your stomach, which I was really excited about, but it wasn't open on Sunday night. 

If you are planning a trip to Carowinds, here's a description of the roller coasters and rides so you can make your plan of attack. 

Remember to wear comfy shoes and have some sort of pocket that zippers or snaps for important items like your keys and phone. I wore my new military vest which had snap pockets and was perfect for the park (yes, it's from the kid's department, more on this later). 

SCarowinds is, I think, the perfect time to visit because you get all of the fun of the park with the added bonus of getting really excited for Halloween. But if you want to visit SCarowinds and do not want to be spooked by the actors in costume, they have a "No Boo" necklace you can purchase which keeps you safe from the ghouls and goblins that wander the park. SCarowinds is designed for those above the age of 13, making it the perfect date night spot. There's something about running around an amusement park together with your honey that is just so thrilling. Like turning the time machine back.

Rollercoasters ... do you do them?


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