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It's that time again!  Halloween is just a few weeks away and the decorations are up.  This year we went witch crazy with a Witch Supply Co. concept.

Witch Halloween Decor http://ift.tt/olQyB3

Why witches?  Well I owe it all to Ms. Agatha herself who is a little obsessed with flying and witches these days so it seemed like a perfect not to scary theme to use this year.

As you can see, we did a mix of both homemade and store bought decorations.  Some of my favorite elements started with pieces I picked up from the trash like one piece of a bi-fold door used to make this tall tall as well as the mirror and the trunk.

Another favorite element was this directional sign.  I had plan to have to cut the arrows out of wood myself until I spotted these wooden arrows at Michaels and my heart skipped a beat.  So easy and so impactful.  (Don't forget this value bag of spanish moss which pretty much spookifies everything in an instant!)

Does this broom display look a little familiar?  Thats because Inspired by Charm created this broom supply chalkboard years ago and it had always stuck in my mind.  I created a 3D version for this theme but I still think his version takes the cake!

I'm my own worst critic and I tend to just see the flaws but seeing Agatha's face light up when she saw the finished product made me so happy.  This is the first year she totally gets the concept of decorating and she is super proud of her house!  I'll call that a win.

Less than 2 weeks left to creep up the interior and get our costumes ready!  Who is ready for Halloween?

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