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Brooklyn Limestone
While I know some of you have already seen my Halloween decor in years past, I know there are some that may not have been around way back when it all started.  So I figured it was a good a time as any to do a recap while I work on this year's decor.

Spider Infestation Halloween http://ift.tt/olQyB3

This was the year that started it all.  We saw this huge spider prop at Costco and purchased it on a whim.  We added loads of webbing and I made a few infestation themed signs to go with it. It was probably the easiest decor set up we've done and yet it might be the most popular.

Spider Infestation Halloween http://ift.tt/olQyB3
Spider Infestation Halloween http://ift.tt/olQyB3
Spider Infestation Halloween http://ift.tt/olQyB3Spider Infestation Halloween http://ift.tt/olQyB3

Every year I'm tempted to bring this theme back just because its so easy to do and a bit hit.  But then another idea strikes.  If I do do it again, I'll be taking it up a notch or two.

from http://ift.tt/2dANh3F

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