Roll Call: I Used To Be Cool

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I just sat down to my computer and moused over to the navigation bar to type in ""

Instead, my mind wandered and my fingers typed in ""

I used to be cool.

Recently, we went to Disney on Ice. I parked in a parking deck in uptown Charlotte and was making my way to the elevator, a toddler in a princess dress on my hip and an infant strapped to my chest. Large diaper bag on shoulder, sunglasses falling off of my face. Sweat around my hairline. A group of three college guys passed me and I know they probably didn't even see me -- even though I was an arm's length away. Funny thing is, I used to park in that same parking garage with my girlfriends when we'd hop from bar to bar, tube tops on, sipping martinis (this was the Sex and The City era, if it's not clear) and dancing on the bar tops until the bouncers got on our case. I wanted to shout out after them, "enjoy this time! you'll be me next!"

So, Roll Call, because we haven't done one of these in a long time. What's your name, and you used to be cool how?


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