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It's been a while since I've done a good ol' mish-mash of things going on in our life here, and I enjoy writing these sort of mundane but fun posts!

First things first ... I lost one of my rings on Monday. Sad face. I have a beautiful gold ring with rubies and diamonds set in it. I wear it daily. Every day I have the same routine -- shower, get ready for the day, put rings on, take them off before washing face at night. The other night I went to take it off and realized it was already missing. Who knows at what point it disappeared? My fingers have become a little bonier due to weight lost with nursing Charlotte combined with the chillier weather. Could it have slipped off as I was dumping toddler meal remnants in the trash? Could it be wrapped up in one of Char's diapers in the smelly diaper genie? Could it be outdoors in the grass, under a piece of furniture, in a parking lot, who knows? This morning Ian said "we will get you a new one." And while that is sweet (and it's not like it was an heirloom vintage piece or anything), it just feels wasteful to go out and buy a new ring when I had a perfectly good one.

How I stopped being a craft hoarder:
yeah yeah yeah. I KNOW

Next up ... we are about to pull the trigger on getting the skinny metal blinds out of our home and replaced with 2" faux wood blinds with nice crown mounts (and a little splurge on plantation shutters for the kitchen bay windows and above the sink). It's not the cheapest endeavor, but it's adding value in the home and one more step to making it feel like "ours."

Who's watching Westworld on HBO? We are hooked. We are saving this past Sunday's ep to watch together on Friday night. Hopefully over a huge cheesy pizza to plump my fingers up.

Image result for westworld

I am going to get my oil changed today.
I am GOING to GET my OIL changed TODAY.
Putting that out there in the universe so it happens.

And, I'm getting so excited about Halloween! Our first Halloween of really feeling like Camille "gets it." She and I have been practicing Trick or Treating. Literally. I go inside the pantry and she knocks on the door and I open it up and pretend to give her candy, making sure she says "trick or treat!" AND, of course, a big "thank youuuuu"!

Any guesses on what she's going to be for Halloween? Get it right and I'll send you ... something!

Okay, see you all back here for FIVE ON FRIDAY tomorrow!


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