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We had a great weekend here in Charlotte. Friday night, Ian and I had some delicious Indian food from Trader Joe's. Their garlic naan is absolutely delish. We have two pieces left over and I can't wait to make pizza on them soon.

We had two activities we really wanted Camille to experience this weekend: Disney on Ice, and Jurassic Quest. Since tickets for both events were a little on the pricey side ($20/25ish), we decided that each adult would take a turn over the weekend escorting her to the events. Naturally, I got Disney and Ian got dinosaurs :)

Disney on Ice was absolutely adorable. Camille got to wear her princess dress and she was positively enthralled. 

Our friends were also there just two sections over, so we got to see them at intermission. 

Charlotte was an absolute trooper and loved being in the Ergo. She slept for the first half of the performance and bounced on my lap the second half. 

On Sunday, Ian took Camille to Jurassic Quest while I stayed at home with Charlotte. He said she was a little nervous at first but then was enjoying every second. 

Afterwards, they made a stop at what was easily the highlight of her busy weekend ... Home Depot. Girlfriend absolutely loves a good HD trip. 

The Panthers lost to the Falcons (boo) but last night we did get to celebrate a friend's birthday with cake and we enjoyed wings that Ian grilled perfectly. So, a great weekend had by all!

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