Advent Calendar: Yay or Nay?

Brooklyn Limestone
Tomorrow is December 1 - the traditional start of the advent calendar countdown. Let's just say I'm not ready. Lucky for me, my children won't notice if I start a few days late.

Even though its a bit of hassle, I sort of loved my DIY rustic antler advent calendar  I did last year.
Of course there are so many great ideas elsewhere too.  Really simple versions like this advent calendar in a jar from White Gunpowder, a super simple ornament version by Casa Haus, or a sleek modern approach from Journey into Creativity.  But my most favorite one - both for ease and function is from Live Laugh Rowe.  She took a linen over the door shoe organizer and made a fabulous one.  Not only is it easy but the pockets are nice and large so you can put all kinds of things in there which is great for multiple children or when you don't want to have to worry too much about size.  Love that!

What about you? Do you do advent calendars at your house? And if you do, who has it all ready to go and who is scrambling at the last minute like me?


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