Holiday Family Style

Brooklyn Limestone
This is our first holiday as a family of four and I got a little excited with coordinated outfit shopping.  I so rarely find outfits I really love on everyone, including me, that I had just had to share. (Don't worry, it happens so rarely this will never become a fashion blog.) Now if only I can get one decent photo of all us in these pieces, my life will be complete.

Dad: Coat | Sweater
Mom: Dress | Scarf  | Coat | Boots
Aggie: Dress | Coat | Hat | Boots
Oscar: Sweater | Shirt | Pants | Hat

I can't really speak about the items everyone else is wearing but the dress and boots I'll be sporting are so comfortable and forgiving to *ahem* my very less than perfect form. I might get this dress in every color!

I found the whole coordinating 4 people to be oddly overwhelming.  I know so many of you have much bigger families - how do you do manage looking cute on special occasions? And just how bad of a faux pas would it be if we wear these outfits for every single holiday occasion for the next 6 weeks?


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