My First Purchase For The New Home

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Now some of you may not get excited about a refrigerator, but would you believe the last new one that I had was in the l970's.  Can you even imagine.  Yes, I had "Harvest God" when that was popular and then I also had "Avocado" when that was popular and I even had kitchen carpet that was a total disaster.

Now we are finally into the new millennium and I am buying another new fridge.   Buyers of our home are first time buyers and wanted our current fridge in the kitchen, so I am thrilled that it will be put to good use.  Nothing fancy but super serviceable and roomy and it will serve them well for a long time.  It was used when I got it in the late 90's and only a year old - just a nice simple fridge.

My new home needs a complete kitchen makeover, a totally builder basic clean slate, so I could pick out anything I wanted.  I have lusted after this Samsung fridge for a very long time, so now it is going to be mine.  I have never been one to need or even want the latest and greatest in kitchen appliances, but for some reason I did really want this fridge.

It is a 25.5 cf  Samsung French Door Energy Efficient delight.  Now we are not paid by Lowes and this is not a sponsored post for Samsung.   I just love this fridge and really, really wanted it, so now I have one.

How fun and exciting to be getting my first treasure for our new house and the first step of my kitchen renovation.  Now I can't wait to get started on the kitchen and a new range too.

How about you, are you one who loves all the latest gadgets & appliances?

The buyers of our home also wanted all of my drapes, plus the storage systems we added to the master closet when I did that makeover.  So lots of things needed for the new house.  I will have fun shopping for all kinds of new treasures.

This house definitely needs all new lighting, it is really bad, so I have been trying to figure out what I want.  Here are a few different samples of lights from Wayfair that might work in the dining area.  Since it has a 2 story ceiling, I need something with a little heft.

These are a few samples that I like for the breakfast area.

Do you guys have any favorites or suggestions, right now I don't have a clue.

 I think the next major purchase will be new flooring to replace that carpet in the family room and the awful linoleum in the kitchen and breakfast area.  Then have the backyard pool done before summer and -and -and - - -can you tell my list is a mile long.

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