Reader Request: Neutral Wardrobe Pieces, Splurging and Saving

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Recently I had a Snapchat friend to request a blog post on neutral wardrobe pieces ... including where to splurge and where to save. She is a mom of three, all 4 and under, so she is looking for easy pieces she can throw together that look chic but are still conducive to playing on the floor with kids and nursing.

camel ruana: walmart
black v-neck: Express (REALLY old)
necklace: kendra scott
jeans: c. wonder
rhinestone flats: off broadway

And truth be told, I am not strictly a "neutrals girl." If you've been reading here long enough, you've seen me wear my fair share of colorful Lilly prints, animal prints, and bold stripes. But there is something simple and classic about neutrals, and truth be told, they are SO easy to pair together that you could *almost* get dressed in the dark, ha!

military vest: target (kids department - I'm in a L for reference)
swing dress: old navy
leopard flats: ja-vie

So, where to splurge and where to save. You know I'm all about saving. In fact, I'm only really thinking of one item to splurge on -- jeans! Mainly because I think the cost of a great pair of jeans is justified if you consider the price per wear. 

I have three pair of jeans that I love the most: a pair of C. Wonder jeans I bought in Atlanta (man, I miss that store) on sale for around $60, an elastic waistband pair (more like jeggings) I got for a song at Old Navy, and a pair of Joe's skinnies that I actually picked up at Plato's Closet. That's a great place to find nice designer jeans on the cheap.

ivory textured shell: old navy
khaki shorts: old navy

I love to wear black, so I have black tops that are sleeveless, short sleeved, and long sleeved. I also love wearing ivory/winter white and camel. 

Recently I posted about some very inexpensive Faded Glory tshirts that I found at Walmart. I bought several colors but the ones that I wear the most are heathered charcoal gray and a cool military green color (which I totally consider a neutral). 

jeggings: old navy - OLD
booties: target

I don't spend a ton on trendy items (like those $34.99 booties above ... so much easier on the wallet than their Rag & Bone counterpart). I'd rather pick those items up at stores like Old Navy, Target, even Walmart.

I guess the only other pieces I splurge on are jewelry! I think that with a few great long necklaces, a dainty short necklace or two, some nice non-costume rings and maybe some gold bangles, you are set. Oh! And earrings. Diamond or rhinestone studs, one pair of small pearl earrings and one pair of large faux pearls, and a pair of medium-sized gold or gold-toned hoops and you're ... well, golden. 

A pair of funky gold earrings I wear a lot are these Sadie Spear Earrings by Kendra Scott:

Not the cheapest, but great for a Christmas list! They go with everything and make such a statement. 

And of course a shameless plug for my sister's amazing necklaces. Laura has SUCH an eye for color and texture. I'm often wearing a necklace she made. She has great neutral necklaces like the one below, and some awesome colorful wooden bead necklaces that look so pretty over a neutral v-neck and pair of jeans.

Triple Horsehair Tassel Necklace

You can REALLY spend a boatload on a statement necklace that is "on trend" ... but that's not really my style. I think Laura's are priced so fairly.

So, in a nutshell....

Cotton t-shirts. (v-neck are my favorite ... feminine, slimming, great for nursing)

A white button-down.

A denim/chambray button-down (I have two, both from Banana Republic).

Skinny ankle-length jeans in a dark wash.

A pair of black workout or yoga pants that suck you in in all the right places (I have both Lululemon and TJ Maxx yoga pants and love them equally)

Black, brown, or dark gray leggings. Thick enough to conceal lumps, bumps, and undies.

Trendy accessories like a plaid blanket scarf, military vest, and booties.

Comfy flats in black, brown, and animal print (Ja-vies are my go-to here).

A few pieces of REAL jewelry to supplement the faux stuff (splurge on nice rings, a pair of real pearl earrings, gold hoops -- Christmas list!)

Pretty, classic makeup -- can't go wrong with long black eyelashes and a wine-stained lip!

What's your recipe for the perfect neutral outfit?


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