Removable Wallpaper - Ready To Give It A Try?

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Seems like all things come and go in a cycle.  Wallpaper is back, but it's not your mother's wallpaper.  The patterns are amazing, bold and oh so chic, PLUS they are REMOVABLE.  These are wallpapers designed for apartment dwellers or anyone who doesn't want it to be a permanent wall treatment.  No more steaming and scraping to remove them.  There are all kinds of  places where you can find these papers, one that I love to browse is Walls Need Love.  You can find them at most anywhere even Home Depot.

In the house we are buying (if all goes well) I have a small powder room downstairs.  You know the typical pedestal sink and a toilet.  Nothing exciting about these little spaces, but they can be.  I am thinking maybe some wallpaper would make this a really fun little room.

This pattern has been super popular for all kinds of fabric projects and I love it on the walls too.  Remember I painted this pattern on the walls for my ORC Closet Makeover.


Now this one is a little more dramatic - - -

So is this one - - -

but just look how much more dramatic the same paper is in a different color - --

This has been a favorite of mine for ages - -- so chic and elegant without being over the top - - -

but bold flowers are so fun too - - - -

bold doesn't have to be flowers or a bright color either - - -

or maybe something soft and subtle - -
Sorry, I don't have a good picture of this little room, but here is where it is located - at the bottom of the stairs between the living room and family/kitchen rooms.
We have seen tons of people stenciling their rooms, so how about trying a little wallpaper?

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