Six Years Of Blogging

A. Liz Adventures
My first ever blog post was 11/18/2010, just over six years ago!

Blogging has changed a good bit over the years, right? You know this if you've been reading them for a while. My favorite blogs to read were Kappa Prep, Pretty In Pink Megan, The Company She Keeps, Pink Sass, Quite Contrary Mary, gosh there were so many that I would get so much joy out of logging in to each day.

So, since six years is a mighty long time, and some of you may be newer here, allow me to reintroduce myself!

My name is April (yep, not Liz).

Why A. Liz Adventures? I used to make jewelry (and sold it on Etsy) and my shop name was A. Liz Designs. My blog's initial intent, well a lot of it, was to drive traffic to my Etsy shop, so the blog name was a spin-off of the shop name. I don't make jewelry any longer, I leave that to my sister!

In fact, I think a lot about changing my blog name. Something less confusing, something a little simpler. But UGH it just seems like such a tedious pain. When you've had the same blog name for six years, is it just stuck?

My life in three sentences ... I live in North Carolina, have been married to Ian for five years, and we have two little girls under 2.5. I love crafts, making money, being a frivolous shopper, eating pie, and girls nights. The way to my heart is to ask to see iPhone photos of my daughters as you hand me a glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc.

Why I think people read my blog ... Because I'm a naturally cheery person but I'm also uber realistic. I'm not going to show you a photo of a beautifully decorated holiday home without pointing out which items I got at Dollar Tree. Why pretend?

So, thank you for sticking with me, whether you've read for a month, a year, or all six years. I absolutely love blogging and it brings me a lot of joy to connect with readers. For those of you who've come up to me and introduced yourselves, or written me a personal email, those are always the highlights of my day!


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