A Little Scared Of Christmas

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With a toddler ... is it normal to be a little scared of Christmas?

Don't get me wrong, I am REALLY looking forward to the magic of Christmas and the entire holiday season. We have already done so many fun things -- we move the star in the advent calendar each morning, we read Christmas books. We let Camille put the first ornament on the tree. We have wrapped (and unwrapped, whoops) gifts together. We took a wagon ride around the neighborhood last night to see the lights and decorations. We sat on Santa's lap. We color Christmas pictures. This week we are attending a Christmas craft playdate, a Christmas preschool program, and a Christmas cookie exchange.


But the presents thing scares me.

Aburrida de envolver tus regalos siempre igual? Prueba el black and white y un lazo de color:

We've limited the amount of gifts that the girls are getting, and Charlotte's list is way practical. But Camille, at 2.5, is just at that age where she's starting to understand that she can ask "Hoho" for toys ... and maybe get them. But -- how do you really explain that just because she asks for it, it won't be under the tree? The logic is easy for me ... want versus need. But to a toddler?

Have you been to Walmart and happened to see the gigantic Barbie Cinderella carriage thing that fits two young girls inside? The one that's $398? Well, Camille saw it on a commercial and at Walmart and keeps telling me that she's asking Santa Claus for it. I have explained each and every time that that toy is for bigger girls, for older girls, and that Santa couldn't bring it for her ... but I think she still believes she may end up with it.

She will not end up with it.

Parents of older kids, please tell me that Christmas morning isn't filled with sad faces over presents not under the tree? That maybe the magic of the morning (music, family, cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate) and the pretty presents that they do end up with make them forget about the things not there -- like $400 motorized pink vehicles?

Because I'm truly looking forward to Christmas morning, and I just want it to be joyful.

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